About the Project

PlanetCats is a community-driven project with solid tokenomics. Our ticker is $CATCOIN on the Binance Smart Chain.

We create sustainable solutions that save the rainforests and earn Passive income while fighting deforestation so that preserving becomes more valuable than slash and burning.

Low Listing Market Cap; BUSD Rewards and Staking for Passive Income; Deflationary Token: 40% burn;
Charity activities (Guardians of the Amazon); Education & Awareness; Bridge; Collectible & Utility NFTs (Q1 2023); DAO (Q2 2023 ); Generate Carbon Certificates to Sell on Voluntary Carbon Market (2024).

Experienced Founders // KYC and Audit // Strong Community

The PlanetCats Story
325 years ago...

“We need to go! We need to find a planet to live on. A planet worth living on,” Tygro said while looking to his friends Leo, Panthry, CheeZara “CZ”, Kimbal, Greta and their cat ONE.

CheeZara added “A place where our children can grow up safely and we are not under constant attack. Where we have a future!”. She glanced at the sleeping children, Kimbal and Greta.

The group nodded to each other. It was time to leave their old planet behind. They set off into space, in search of a new planet, that would be home to them and their children.

Evolving to PlanetCats

The search was long and arduous and the group almost wanted to give up. They travelled from planet to planet and hope dwindled, as did their supply of fuel for their spaceship.

“Will we find another planet before we run out of fuel?” asked little Jane, who was no longer a little child but a rebellious teenager. She was very worried about her future. Tygro sighed, but Leo looked broodingly at little cat One. “I have an idea!”

With the help of their creativity and knowledge, the group evolved into humanoid cats with a much longer life and special superpowers. This way they were better equipped to face various dangers on the new planets.

The Way Back

However, this did not help them in their search for a new home planet. They were just about to give up the search when suddenly the cockpit of the spaceship beeped.

“Leo, look!” shouted Tygro. “A message. A cryptographic message. Let’s decode it.” The message was about the tale Catcoin that was about saving a planet called Earth.

The group was caught on fire by the message and wanted to find the planet and to do everything to save it. The way to get there was dangerous and exhausting. It took exactly 1,000 days for their spaceship to enter the atmosphere of planet Earth. When entering the atmosphere it was , the spaceship was battered and damaged.

It was November 24th 2022 when humans, the inhabitants of Planet Earth, rushed to help the PlanetCats. They rescued them from the wreckage of the spaceship and brought them to safety, even though they did not know them.

Planetcats & Humans: THE

“Who are you?” asked one of the humans, a young female scientist. “We are the PlanetCats!”, Leo introduced themselves. He told them about their adventures and their search for a new home.

“We really need your support. With your knowledge, we can manage to save this planet together. Our rainforest, the lungs of Planet Earth, is on the brink of total destruction!” Another person chimed in: “We don’t want to put up with the ignorance of governments and the old rules anymore!”

“What ideas do you have?” Leo asked.

“We have created the Catcoin Movement. It connects the blockchain, investors, voluntaries, governance, carbon certificates, charity and NFTs to save the lungs of Planet Earth.”

“Then let’s save the planet together! PlanetCats Hooooold!”
On this day the PlanetCats and the humans joined forces and formed the Planetarians.


The Catcoin Movement

On February 28th, 2020 the story of Catcoin has been published. “One is a cat. One is money. One is Catcoin, a cryptocurrency. Follow the history of an unlikely cat which becomes the primary coin in an economic revolution that will change the world.” Since then many projects launched on different networks to make this dream come true.

PlanetCats strives to combine the strengths of the Catcoin communities into a common purpose. 1,000 days after the book of Catcoin has been published, it is time to unite businesses, industries and the most committed community members by erasing distances between what could not be imagined and what can be possible. The Planetarians agreed to make November 24th, 2022 the rebirth of the movement: PlanetCats $CATCOIN lands on Earth to save the planet.

November 2022

The Landing on November 24th

December 2022

Q2 2023

Q4 2023

Q2 2024

Q1 2023

Q3 2023

Q1 2024

The Future


Planet Earth once had 1,458,051,300 hectare rainforest. That’s the Total Supply of PlanetCats $CATCOIN.
Until 2019 505,214,776 hectare has been deforested. That’s going to be the first burn after launch.

We will do yearly burns of the same amount of deforested rainforest:
42,000,000 $CATCOIN (hectare) 2020
37,500,000 $CATCOIN (hectare) 2021
40,602,070 $CATCOIN (hectare) 2022

By 2025 we will have destroyed 50% of the rainforest, if we continue like that.

We create sustainable solutions that save the rainforests and earn Passive Income while fighting deforestation.

Buy 5% 1% LP / 2% BUSD Rewards / 2% Marketing
Sell 9% 1% LP / 4% BUSD Rewards / 4% Marketing

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Our Team Member

Co-Founder, Visionary, CEO
Co-Founder, PhD, CTO
John Turner
Community Management
Richard Ganetsang

Frequently Asked Questions

This section list the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

PlanetCats is about tokenizing the lungs of planet Earth.

We create sustainable solutions that save the rainforests and earn Passive income while fighting deforestation.

Using the blockchain technology with a community of supporters and investors that want to save Earth while developing solutions so that preserving becomes more valuable than slash and burning.

Main Contract PlanetCats (CATCOIN)



Planet Earth once had 1,458,051,300 hectare of rainforest. That’s the Total Supply of $CATCOIN.

Until 2019, 505,214,775 hectare has been deforested.

That’s our first burn after launch.

In December, we will burn:

42,000,000 $CATCOIN (hectare) for deforestation in year 2020

37,500,000 $CATCOIN (hectare) for deforestation in year 2021

40,602,070 $CATCOIN (hectare) for deforestation in year 2022

We will do yearly burns of the same amount of deforested rainforest from our locked reserves.

Some team members are public, some are anon to the public.

We did a KYC+ at Assured Defi, details here:


The PlanetCats KY NFT

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About Us

PlanetCats is a community-driven project with solid tokenomics. Our ticker is $CATCOIN on the Binance Smart Chain.


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